How to Play Disc Golf: What You Need to Know as a Beginner

While traditional golf has increased in popularity over the years, disc golf has also gained tremendous popularity and has become one of the most easily accessible sports. However, it is a challenging game that can be daunting for beginners to learn and master. Although it seems complicated, players often come back wanting to play more of the game.

One of the significant challenges experienced by beginners of disc golf is trying to fly the disc correctly and in the right direction. If you’re also facing the same trouble, following the fundamentals written in this article is essential to becoming one of the best pros.

basic techniques

Learning the basic techniques

Learning the basic techniques is essential for any game, and if you wish to become a professional disc golfer or even enjoy the sport, it is essential to learn the basics. A straightforward technique to follow is to minimize the motions and movements, which can, in turn, affect the extension of motion, the power, and the speed of the throw.

Throwing the disc gold in the right direction, with the right speed, is an athletic movement that needs the right balance, alignment, and posture.

Disc release

While throwing the disc, it is essential to keep it flat and low. Swooping the hand low and releasing the disc at an upward angle will always give failed results. It is essential to keep the disc height to the ground and aim for the same height for all the throwing motions, which is to reach to back extension, pull through and release the disc in the air. Before practicing your throw, you can also try arm warm-up swings to release the disc.

Practicing a routine

As mentioned above, disc golf is a sport that can be complicated for beginners. Hence, it is essential to develop a practice routine instead of casually playing it out on the field. Once you start perfecting the sport, you will begin to enjoy every game, becoming an expert day after day. By learning the fundamentals and playing a few games a week, you will become an expert in no time.

disc golf

That said, practicing the sport with the right players is also essential. One way to become better is by learning from the best. You can either join classes or find someone who can keep you well-versed with the basics of the game and enjoy it along with you.


In short, if you wish to master the game of disc golf, it takes more than just knowing the fundamentals in theory. You have to learn the basics, know the techniques on how to release the disc, and practice your routine with better players of the sport, to master it.